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Restaurants are not working as traditional restaurants anymore. Today restaurant has become full fledge online food store.

Your restaurant website must have all the mechanisms of a store so that it can work as a food store. Some must-have features for restaurant websites include food menus, scheduling, reservation, ordering and delivery, and new order notification.

To make your WordPress restaurant website a full fledge food store, you need some plugins. 

In this article on top plugins for restaurants, I have listed five plugins that can make your restaurant website a complete food store. 

So, let’s find out which plugin is most helpful for your restaurant website.

Top 5 Plugins for restaurants

Here are the most helpful 5 plugins for WordPress restaurant websites. 

1 Open Close WooCommerce Store 

open close woocommerce

Open Close WooCommerce Store is the first plugin in our list of top WordPress plugins for restaurants. Store opening and closing is the must-have feature for restaurants. Store scheduling plugin helps restaurants to manage their working hours. 

When it comes to restaurant scheduling plugins, Open Close WooCommerce Store is the best. This plugin allows restaurants to create multiple schedules for different purposes. It allows to create multiple day shifts. In addition, it blocks orders automatically when the store closes. Also, Open Close WooCommerce Store comes with a notice bar and more outstanding features. 

Store scheduling is the most prominent feature of the Open Close WooCommerce Store plugin. It allows you to create multiple shifts in a day. As a result, you will be able to schedule different menus. 

Another great feature of the Open Close WooCommerce Store is when restaurants close, orders will be blocked automatically. The Cart will be empty if some product remains in the cart and the store closes. 

This plugin allows you to open or close the restaurant with one click without changing the schedule. Open Close WooCommerce Store allows preordering specific or all products when the store is closed.   

It allows adding some products to the cart when the store is closed. Open Close WooCommerce plugin allows displaying store schedules in different places through shortcodes. Also, you can display countdown timers anywhere using shortcodes.

The best thing about the Open Close WooCommerce Store plugin is it is translation ready; therefore, it will work for any local restaurant. Also, it follows the local time zone.   

Open Close WooCommerce Store plugin is ideal for restaurant owners who want to schedule their restaurants. If they sell specific foods at a particular time, this plugin will help them greatly. Open Close WooCommerce Store plugin helps to manage restaurants more efficiently. 

Features of Open Close WooCommerce Store

  • Open Close WooCommerce Store can create multiple schedules
  • It allows to create multiple day shifts
  • Blocks customers from ordering when the store is closed
  • Open Close WooCommerce Store allows to preorder specific or all products
  • Allows to display schedule on multiple places
  • Features countdown timers
  • Supports local languages 
  • It comes with different popup effect 
  • It works with the local time zone
  • Allows to set a custom message for each schedule
  • Empty the cart when the store closes   


Pricing: Open Close WooCommerce Store is a freemium plugin. It has a premium version which starts at $49. 

2. Order Notification for WooCommerce

oder notification for woocommerce

New order notification is a must-have feature for restaurants’ websites. It allows to receive alert notifications when customers place a new order. It helps restaurant owners to complete orders without delays.

Order Notification for WooCommerce is a new order notification plugin for stores. It sends new orders sound notification when customers place a new order. It checks new orders automatically. This plugin allows setting request frequency. Also, it offers to set custom rules for new order notifications. 

The best feature of Order Notification for WooCommerce is its automatic ordering-checking capability. You don’t need to refresh the order page to check new orders. It sends the notification alert instantly after receiving a new order. It helps restaurant owners to process orders without delay.

Order Notification for WooCommerce features sound notification alert. It plays sound when customers place a new order. It continues to play the sound until the new order is checked. It allows to set custom music for the sound notification alert.

This plugin is easy to use and has no learning curve. You can start using this plugin after installing it. It is like plug-and-play. You need to install and activate the plugin, and you will get notification sound alerts for new orders.

As far as website speed is concerned, Order Notification for WooCommerce is fast. It won’t slow down your website. It follows the standard coding principle. Also, it doesn’t conflict with other plugins. 

Regarding customization, Order Notification for WooCommerce plugin allows setting custom rules for notification alerts. You can set specific categories, products, tags, and amounts for getting notifications. You will get a sound notification if a customer buys a product that matches your preset rule or rules. 

If you want to get notified instantly when your customers place food orders so that you can prepare them without delay, the Order Notification for WooCommerce plugin is the best solution. This plugin is a lifesaver for restaurants that deliver food online.

Features of Order Notification for WooCommerce

  • Checks for new orders automatically
  • Plays music instantly when customers place a new order
  • Allows set frequency request per minute
  • It allows to set custom rules for new order alerts by minimum amount, tags, categories, etc
  • You can set your custom music for notification alert
  • Works fast and doesn’t slow down the website
  • Very easy to use
  • It checks orders based on order status
  • Order notification for WooCommerce works with every theme and plugin smoothly

Pricing: Order Notification for WooCommerce is a freemium plugin. Its premium version starts at $9.    

3. Five Star Restaurant Menu

five star

The menu is a crucial element of a restaurant. It makes the restaurant’s operation more efficient. And it is a must-have feature for a restaurant’s website.

Five Star Restaurant Menu is one of the best restaurant menu plugins you can get now. This plugin comes with unlimited restaurant menus and menu items. In addition, it is responsive. Moreover, it features Gutenberg blocks and shortcodes. And the most prominent feature of this plugin is its barcode. Also, the Five Star Restaurant plugin comes with more exciting features. 

This plugin support unlimited menus and menu items. So, there is no limitation on creating menus. You can create as many menus and menu items as you want. 

As far as device compatibility is concerned, the Five Star Restaurant Menu is a responsive plugin. Therefore, menus will look great on all devices. 

The Five Star Restaurant Menu plugin comes with the Gutenberg block and shortcode. It allows to add menus anywhere using shortcode or Gutenberg block. You can add prices and unique photos for every menu. 

You have the option to add the sidebar. It allows you to add restaurant menus to the sidebar. It helps to navigate menus quickly. 

It features QR code. You can use QR code in your restaurant so that customers can scan and see your menus. It will make your restaurant more productive as no human intervention is needed to show menus to customers. 

Another great feature of the Five Star Restaurant Menu is it allows to order directly from the menu. Also, it has more exciting features, including a separate menu section, option to add multiple pricing for individual items, multi-language support, a footer for each drink menu, and more. 

Five Star Restaurant Menu is a complete menu plugin for restaurant websites. It works great for single and multiple restaurants. The Five Star Restaurant Menu plugin is the best option for anyone looking to add menus to their restaurant website. 

Features of Five Star Restaurant Menu

  • Unlimited menus and menu items 
  • Responsive; menus look great on all devices
  • Features QR code 
  • It allows to add unique photos and multiple pricing for every menu
  • Optional sidebar option for quick navigation 
  • Menu schema structured data 
  • Allows to create sub menus 
  • It comes with Gutenberg and shortcodes 
  • Supports multi-languages 
  • Offers great customization options
  • Allows to add a footer for each item
  • Pricing: Five Start Restaurant is a free plugin. Its premium version starts at $67.

4. WPCafe


Food ordering and delivery system is a must for the restaurant. It helps to take food orders and deliver them. An efficient food ordering and delivery system is necessary for better order and delivery management. 

WPCafe is a complete solution for restaurants. It comes with all the features that a restaurant needs, including menus, food ordering and delivery system, and table reservation. This plugin helps to manage food ordering and delivery for online/offline restaurants. 

WPCafe features state-of-the-art menus. It has 33+ food menu templates. All the menus are pre-made; you can set up your desired food menu using Elementor drag and drop, shortcode, and Gutenberg block. 

Moreover, it allows to add menu based on restaurant locations. You can create a list of menus and select their availability based on the restaurant’s locations. In addition, this plugin shows the menu of the day under a dedicated menu. So the customers can see which menu people are eating most. 

The food ordering and delivery/pickup feature allows you to set custom order and delivery timing, or you can display food delivery and pickup time. It helps customer to choose pickup or delivery options. 

Reservation is the most prominent feature of WPCafe. It allows to create single/multiple slot bookings. In addition, you can create early or late bookings. Also, you can create an exceptional schedule and set minimum and maximum guest sizes for early booking. 

Besides, the booking option allows to create special holiday reservations. It helps to manage holiday reserves and sales smoothly. Moreover, customers can pick up food and place reservations. Furthermore, you can set branch-wise reservations.

WPCafe also features some exciting features: Food ordering with QR code, Dynamic email notification, Tip option, Live order notification with Sound and tag, and more. 

WPCafe is the ultimate solution for restaurant owners and managers, food ordering system providers, food delivery system providers, cloud kitchen owners and managers, and cafe owners and managers. The WPCafe plugin is a complete solution for restaurant websites. 

Features of WPCafe

  • Preset food menu styles 
  • Elementor widget 
  • It provides RTL support for form and calendar
  • Allows to create reservations easily and quickly from the front end
  • Customize schedule is available for late and early booking 
  • Live sales notificaiton 
  • Discounts options on every food menu
  • Supports branch-wise booking 
  • Compatible with popular page builders
  • Restaurant’s location-wise menu
  • Food ordering with QR code
  • Details sales report  

Pricing: WPCafe is a freemium plugin. Its pro version starts at $59.  

5. Bookly


Booking is an integral part of every business. Booking is a must and crucial element for the restaurant business. An efficient booking system is a must for a successful restaurant business.   

Bookly is the ultimate booking solution for every business. It helps to create a completely automatic booking system. It supports unlimited staff members and unlimited clients. In addition, it integrates with the most popular video meeting platforms, such as Zoom and Google Met. Also, it supports popular payment gateway, including Strype and PayPal Express. 

Bookly supports unlimited staff members; each member can set their price, schedule, profile, and booking calendar. Therefore, this plugin is suitable for small and large businesses. 

For services it supports an unlimited number of services. It allows to create a group of services and places them in categories. Also, it allows to set unique colors for categories. Unique color for each category helps view them easily on the calendar. 

Bookly is user-friendly and easy to set up; anyone can start using it almost instantly after installing it. Also, it is mobile-friendly; you can manage reservations from anywhere using your mobile device. 

As far as notification is concerned, Bookly features email and sms notification. You can send your customers sms and email to keep them up to date. 

Regarding third-party services integration, Bookly supports many popular third-party services, including popular payment gateways, video meeting services, calendars, WooComerce, etc. 

Bookly is the complete reservation solution for restaurants. It can take your restaurant reservation process to the next level. If you need only reservation solutions for your restaurant business, Bookly is the best option for you.

Features of Bookly

  • Support unlimited staff members 
  • Unlimited number of services 
  • Unlimited clients 
  • Importable and exportable customer base
  • Templates for email and sms notification 
  • PayPal Express integration 
  • Analytics with booking stats 
  • Compatible with WooCommerce 
  • Supports multiple languages 
  • 24/7 customer support 

Pricing: Bookly has a free version and a premium version. The Premium version starts at $89.  

Final Words

For restaurants, we have listed the top five restaurant plugins. These plugins satisfy all the needs of a restaurant website. These plugins serve single and multiple needs of a restaurant website. 

If you are still in doubt about choosing the right plugin for your WordPress restaurant website, here is the use case; for scheduling Open Close WooCommerce Store, for new order notification WooCoomerce Order Notification, for restaurant menu Five Star Restaurant Menu, for booking Bookly, and WPCafe for multiple solutions.


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