5 Best URL Shortener WordPress Plugins for 2023 Quickly & Easily

URL Shortener WordPress Plugins

URL Shortener WordPress Plugins is the process of creating a shorter and more manageable version of a long and complex URL (Uniform Resource Locator). A URL is the web address that we type into our browser’s address bar to access a website or web page. URL shortening services take a long URL and generate a shorter and more condensed URL that redirects to the original long URL when clicked.

URL Shortener WordPress Plugins is useful for several reasons. Firstly, it allows you to share long URLs more quickly, especially on platforms with character limits such as Twitter. Short URLs take up less space and are easier to remember and share with others. Secondly, it can help to make your links look more professional and branded. Shortened URLs can be customized to include your brand name or relevant keywords, which can help to increase click-through rates and brand recognition.

Finally, URL shortening services often provide analytics and tracking data, which can be used to monitor clicks and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Overall, WordPress plugins can be a helpful tool for URL shortening, allowing you to create custom short links and manage them more easily. They can also offer additional features such as tracking and analytics, which can be useful for monitoring website traffic and measuring the success of your marketing campaigns.

Pretty Links

Pretty links

Pretty Links is a WordPress plugin that offers several benefits to website owners. Firstly, it allows you to create shortened, branded links for your website, which are much easier to remember and share than long, complicated URLs. Additionally, Pretty Links offers powerful tracking and analytics features, allowing you to see how many clicks each link receives, where those clicks are coming from, and what types of devices they’re using.

This information can be incredibly valuable for optimizing your website’s content and improving your overall marketing strategy. Finally, Pretty Links offers a variety of customization options, including the ability to set up redirects, create custom slugs, and add no-follow attributes to your links, giving you more control over how your website is perceived by search engines and users alike.

Noticeable Features

  • Redirection of URL
  • Tracking Conversions
  • Import/Export of Links
  • Centralized Interface
  • Secure and Optimized System
  • Replaces Keywords with Affiliate Links
  • Scheduling of Links
  • Click tracking
  • Temporary or permanent redirects
  • Nofollow/no index links
  • Redirections by Location


 the premium version cost started at $99.50-199.50 yearly.



ThirstyAffiliates is a popular WordPress plugin that provides several benefits for website owners who use affiliate marketing to monetize their websites. The primary benefit of ThirstyAffiliates is that it allows website owners to manage and organize their affiliate links in a user-friendly way. This plugin enables website owners to add, cloak, and categorize their affiliate links, making it easy to manage their marketing campaigns.

Another significant benefit of ThirstyAffiliates is that it helps website owners to create professional-looking links that are easy to remember and share. The plugin also includes advanced features such as link redirection, link click statistics, and adding images to links.

In addition, ThirstyAffiliates provides several SEO benefits to website owners. The plugin allows users to set up link redirections, which can help improve their website’s search engine ranking. ThirstyAffiliates also includes the option to add nofollow tags to affiliate links, which can help prevent search engines from penalizing the website for spammy links.

Overall, ThirstyAffiliates is an essential tool for website owners who use affiliate marketing to generate revenue. It helps users to organize, manage, and track their affiliate links, as well as provides advanced features to create professional-looking links and improve their website’s SEO.

Noticeable Features

  • Link Import/Export
  • Google Analytics is supported.
  • Relevant Keywords Auto-Links
  • Fixes Broken Links Proactively
  • Charts and Graphs of Statistics
  •  Affiliate link shortener/Cloaker
  • Click tracking and reports
  • Automatic linking of affiliate keywords
  • Geolocation links
  • Link fixer
  • Automatic 404 checker
  • External Product Integration in WooCommerce


You can download the plugin for free. The premium version costs $79.5 for single WordPress site owners and can go up to $199.5 for ten sites.



If you are looking for a way to streamline your website’s URL management, then a TinyPress WordPress plugin may be just what you need. With a URL shortener plugin, you can create shorter, more manageable links that are easier to share on social media and other platforms. This can be especially useful for businesses that want to promote their content and increase their online visibility.

One of the key benefits of using a URL shortener plugin is that it allows you to track the performance of your links. You can see how many clicks your links are getting, which can help you optimize your marketing and advertising efforts. Additionally, some URL shortener plugins offer advanced features such as link customization and link retargeting, which can further enhance your marketing efforts.

Overall, TinyPress WordPress plugin can be a powerful tool for managing your website’s URLs and promoting your content. With the ability to create custom links, track link performance, and optimize your marketing efforts, a URL shortener plugin can help you take your online presence to the next level.

Noticeable Features

  • URL shortening,
  • QR code support,
  • Link Tracking and Analytics,
  • To change the short link,
  • Password Protected Short Links,
  • Setting Link Expiry,
  • Chrome extension support,
  • Location-Based Redirection (Upcoming),
  • Device  Based Redirection (Upcoming),
  • User Based Redirection (Upcoming),
  • And much more is coming.


This is a totally free plugin.

URL Shortify

URL Shortify

URL Shortify is a WordPress plugin that provides a simple and convenient way to shorten long and complex URLs. The plugin works by generating a short and easy-to-remember alias for a long URL, making it easier to share on social media, email, or other platforms.

One of the primary benefits of the URL Shortify plugin is that it saves space, which can be especially valuable when sharing links on social media platforms with character limitations, such as Twitter. By shortening URLs, the plugin ensures that more of the message can be conveyed without running out of space for the link.

Another benefit of the URL Shortify plugin is that it can track clicks on shortened links, providing website owners and marketers with valuable data. This can help inform marketing strategies and optimize website performance.

Finally, the URL Shortify plugin can help improve website security by masking the original URL, making it more difficult for hackers or malicious users to gain access to sensitive information. Overall, the URL Shortify WordPress plugin can be a useful tool for any website owner looking to improve the user experience, increase engagement, and optimize their online presence.

Noticeable Features

  • Quick Setup
  • Disable Affiliate Links
  • Cloak Affiliate Links
  • Redirects Dead Links
  • Quicker than any other external shortener
  • Tracks and Optimizes Growth
  • Destination URL Customization  
  • Forwarding of Parameters


This is a totally free plugin.



The Bitly WordPress plugin offers several benefits for website owners and bloggers who use WordPress to publish their content. One of the primary benefits is the ability to shorten URLs, making them more user-friendly and easier to share on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

With the Bitly plugin, users can quickly and easily create custom short links that are branded to their domain. This not only helps to build brand recognition and trust with users, but it also allows website owners to track click-through rates and analyze user engagement.

The plugin also offers features like link tracking, which allows users to see how many clicks their links are receiving, where the clicks are coming from, and which pages on their site are getting the most traffic. This information can be invaluable for optimizing website content and driving more traffic to key pages.

Overall, the Bitly WordPress plugin offers website owners a powerful tool for managing and tracking their links. It can help to streamline the process of creating and sharing content, and it provides valuable insights into how users are engaging with that content.

Noticeable Features

  • Simple and Intuitive
  • Shareable Links to all sites
  • Automatically Generated Links
  • Analytics Provided on Link Performance
  • URL shortening on a large scale
  • Tracking and advanced analytics
  • QR Codes that are completely customizable
  • Social media custom URLs


You can download the plugin for free. The premium version started at $8-199 monthly.

If I missed any essential URL shortener plugins, please let me know in the comment box below, and I will add them. 


How to get WooCommerce new order notification sound

WooCommerce new order notification

You will agree with me,

When I say; time is money. 

E-commerce store owners understand this better than anyone else. 

Order processing delays result in less order completion. It causes order cancellation for restaurants’ online orders. Moreover, it leads to dissatisfied customers, increased customer service inquiries, lost sales, and increased order processing costs. 

You must process orders instantly after receiving them to avoid delay.  

Here WooCommerce new order notification sound feature comes into the game. 

It will notify you through the alarm when someone places an order. 

Here, I will show you how to get WooCommerce new order notification sound

So, let’s begin.

Why should you enable WooCommerce new order notification sound?

Order alert sound helps to boost your e-commerce store growth.

Yes! You are reading right. 

If you are in the restaurant business, you must prepare orders shortly. So that customers or order pickers can pick up orders without waiting. New order notification sound notify you when someone places an order. As a result, it helps to prepare the order without delay.

The new order alarm comes in handy when you sell through food delivery apps. Food delivery apps cancel orders if you can’t prepare them in time. To prepare orders timely, you must start preparing them shortly. In this case, the new order alarm helps greatly.    

It goes the same for the service-based business. New order alarms help to deliver services without delay. Thus, you won’t waste time and will earn more money. 

For event-based businesses, you must prepare many orders in a short time. In this case, the new order alert sound can help immensely.

You can quickly respond to new orders and ensure timely order processing by enabling the new order notification sound. It can improve customer satisfaction by reducing wait times and providing a faster shopping experience.

New order notification sound can also help you more efficiently manage your orders. Instead of constantly checking your order dashboard, you can be alerted when new orders come in and immediately begin processing them.

The new order notification sound feature helps to check new orders without refreshing your site every time. As a result, your productivity will increase.

Overall, enabling a new order notification sound in WooCommerce can help you improve your customer service, order management, and efficiency, leading to a better shopping experience for your customers and a more organized and streamlined workflow for you.

How to get WooCommerce new order notification sound? 

WooCommerce is a great way to create stores. However, it lacks the function to enable the new order alert sound. 

Here the question comes, 

How to enable WooCommerce new order notifications sound?

In this case, you have two options; use a plugin or script.  

The second option is not newbie friendly. If you are not a developer or don’t have coding skills, you can’t use the script. 

A plugin is the best option for enabling the new order alert sound. 

There are many WooCommerce new order notification plugins. However, all new order notification plugins are not the same. You should choose a plugin that offers excellent features and easy to use.

In this tutorial, I will use Order Notification for WooCommerce plugin. This plugin offers excellent features, and it is extremely user-friendly. You can start using this plugin after installing it.

So, let’s enable the new order notification sound for your WooCommerce store.

Step one: Install and activate Order Notification for WooCommerce 

Visit Order Notification for WooCommerce’s official website. Download the plugin, then install and activate it. Also, you can install it from the WordPress plugin directory.

WooCommerce new order notification

Go to your website’s dashboard to install Order Notification for WooCommerce from the plugin directory. Then, navigate to Plugin and click on Add New. After that, type “order notification for WooCommerce.”

WooCommerce new order notification

Now, install and activate the plugin. 

You have installed and activated the Order Notification for WooCommerce plugin.

It is time to enable the new order alert sound.  

Step two: Enable new order notification sound  

I will show you how to enable the new order alert sound in this step.

WooCommerce new order notification

 Again, get back to your website’s dashboard. Now you can see the Order Notifier Button situated on the upper side. You can also access Order Notifier from the Dashboard. 

Click on the Order Notifier. After that, click on the Play Icon and then Save to get the alarm for new orders. 

WooCommerce new order notification

Now, you will get the notification sound whenever someone places a new order. 

The plugin will continue to play the notification sound until you mark the order as read.

That’s how you can get the new order notification sound in your WooCommerce store. 

Isn’t it super easy? 

*Note; You can stop here if you don’t want to customize the order alert sound.

Step three: Customize WooCommerce new order notification sound

Order Notification for WooCommerce plugin offers excellent features for customization.

WooCommerce new order notification

You can start customizing new order notification sound from the Settings tab. From the General Settings, you can upload custom audio; upload your favorite music or sound. 

In addition, you can set a request limit per minute to the server, as many servers don’t allow too many requests per minute. 

WooCommerce new order notification

Now from the Searching Rules on Items, you can set different rules for alert sound. First, you need to enable the Enable These Rules option.       

The product Include option allows adding specific products for which you want to get the alarm. If someone buys these products, then the alarm will ring. 

In addition, from the Product Categories Included option, you can choose specific categories for which you want to get the alarm. You will get the notification sound when a customer buys a product from the included category. 

Moreover, using the Product Tags Included option, you can set your desired product tags for which you want to get notification sound. When customers place orders that match the included tags, you will get the notification sound. 

Furthermore, you can set a minimum order amount from the Minimum order amount option. You will get the notification sound when the order amount is the same as the minimum amount or more. 

The Order from Users option allows selecting specific users for which you want to get notification sound. When selected users place a new order, you will get the notification sound. 

You can select users’ roles from the Order from User Roles option. When any user from selected roles places an order, the alarm will ring. 

The Relation option allows the selection of single or multiple conditions for new order checking. If you select a single condition, you will get the alert sound when the selected condition matches. 

If you select multiple conditions, the alert sound will ring when the selected conditions match. The alert sound will ring for every condition if you don’t select any conditions. 

After customizing, click on Save, and you are done with the customization.

That’s how you can customize your WooCommerce store’s new order notification sound. 

Order notification for WooCommerce free version doesn’t offer all customization options. Upgrade to the PRO version to get all features and customization options.

Final words

Order alert sound feature of the WooCommerce store boosts e-commerce business. You can enable the order alert sound for your WooCommerce store with a few clicks. Install and activate Order Notification for WooCommerce plugin. Then, enable the alert sound, and customize it if needed.

If you have questions about enabling WooCommerce new order notification sound, please let me know by leaving a comment below. 

How to Display a Countdown Timer on WooCommerce store

Countdown Timer on WooCommerce

If you are looking for the best way to display the countdown timer on WooCommerce store, welcome; you are at the right place. 

Countdown timers can be a powerful tool for increasing your WooCommece store’s sales and driving customer engagement on your online store. They create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to purchase before the offer expires.

In this post, I will explain the benefits of using a countdown timer on your store, the best times to use it, and provide a step-by-step guide on how to display a countdown timer on your WooCommerce store.

Whether you’re a new store owner or looking to boost sales of your existing store, this post will give you the information you need to use countdown timers on your store effectively.

Why should you use a countdown timer? 

The countdown timer has many benefits that can improve your WooCommerce store significantly. Here are some reasons for using a countdown timer; 

  • It creates a sense of urgency among your customers, which helps customers to make buying decisions quickly. 
  • It helps to increase your store engagement. 
  • The conversion rate increases significantly. 
  • Creates a sense of excitement for upcoming events. 

When should you use a countdown timer? 

Here are some occasions when you can use a countdown timer to make the most out of a particular occasion.

  • When you are offering special discounts
  • When you are launching new products
  • Holiday shopping events such as Black Friday 
  • On your website’s coming soon page
  • When you host an event
  • On your business anniversary

How to display a countdown timer on WooCommerce store

It is easy to display a countdown timer on the WooCommerce store. Using a countdown timer plugin, you can display a countdown timer on your WooCommerce store. So, let’s display a countdown timer on the WooCommerce store using a countdown timer plugin. 

Step one: Install and activate a countdown timer plugin

Many countdown timer plugins are available, but most don’t allow to display the countdown timer on the WooCommerce store. 

Here I will use a  powerful WooCommerce plugin called Open Close WooCommerce Store. This plugin allows you to easily display a countdown timer on the WooCoomerce store. Moreover, it allows to create store opening and closing schedules. Also, it allows you to open and close the WooCommerce store with one click. 

Open Close WooCommerce Store has a free version and a Pro version. The pro version offers more features and customization options. 

So, install and activate the Open Close WooCommerce Store plugin. 

Follow step two if you have successfully installed and activated the Open Close WooCommerce Store.

Step two: Create and display the countdown timer on your WooCommerce store

You have successfully installed and activated the Open Close WooCommerce Store, it is time to create and display a countdown timer on your WooCommerce store. 

Countdown Timer on WooCommerce


Get back to the WordPress dashboard and navigate ‘Schedules’→‘Settings’. Then click on the ‘Countdown Timer’ from the ‘Options’(‘Countdown Timer’→‘Options’).

Countdown Timer on WooCommerce store 

First, you must choose where to display the countdown timer on your WooCommerce store. Open Close WooCommerce Store allows to display countdown timer on places like; Before cart table on Cart page, After cart table on  Cart page, Before cart total on Cart page, After cart total on Cart page, Before checkout form on Checkout Page, After checkout form on Checkout Page, Before order review on Checkout Page, After order review on Checkout Page, Before cart button in Single Product page, and Top on My-Account Page.

Countdown Timer on WooCommerce store


Choose your desired location. You can choose multiple positions. Here I will choose “Before cart button in Single Product page”

From the ‘Countdown timer style’ option, choose a style. You can choose from five styles. 

On the ‘Timer Text when Open’ box, write the text you want to display before the countdown timer.

Write the text you want to display before the countdown timer when the store is closed on the ‘Timer Text when Closed’ option. 

Type your desired hours on the ‘Timer text – Hour’ option, minutes on the ‘Timer text – Minutes option, and seconds on the ‘Timer text – Seconds’ option. 

Now, click on ‘Save’ and you are done with creating and displaying the countdown timer on the WooCommerce store.

Here is how the countdown timer on the WooCommerce store looks; 

Countdown Timer on WooCommerce store


Final Words

Displaying a countdown timer on your WooCommerce store can be a valuable tool for creating a sense of urgency and encouraging immediate action from your customers.

Using a plugin like Open Close WooCommerce Store makes it easy to set up a countdown timer for your products. It can help increase conversions and drive sales. 

Additionally, using a countdown timer can also create a sense of exclusivity, making your products more attractive to potential customers.

Overall, adding a countdown timer to your WooCommerce store is a simple and effective way to boost your sales.

Top 5 WordPress plugins for restaurants 2023

plugins for restaurants


Restaurants are not working as traditional restaurants anymore. Today restaurant has become full fledge online food store.

Your restaurant website must have all the mechanisms of a store so that it can work as a food store. Some must-have features for restaurant websites include food menus, scheduling, reservation, ordering and delivery, and new order notification.

To make your WordPress restaurant website a full fledge food store, you need some plugins. 

In this article on top plugins for restaurants, I have listed five plugins that can make your restaurant website a complete food store. 

So, let’s find out which plugin is most helpful for your restaurant website.

Top 5 Plugins for restaurants

Here are the most helpful 5 plugins for WordPress restaurant websites. 

1 Open Close WooCommerce Store 

open close woocommerce

Open Close WooCommerce Store is the first plugin in our list of top WordPress plugins for restaurants. Store opening and closing is the must-have feature for restaurants. Store scheduling plugin helps restaurants to manage their working hours. 

When it comes to restaurant scheduling plugins, Open Close WooCommerce Store is the best. This plugin allows restaurants to create multiple schedules for different purposes. It allows to create multiple day shifts. In addition, it blocks orders automatically when the store closes. Also, Open Close WooCommerce Store comes with a notice bar and more outstanding features. 

Store scheduling is the most prominent feature of the Open Close WooCommerce Store plugin. It allows you to create multiple shifts in a day. As a result, you will be able to schedule different menus. 

Another great feature of the Open Close WooCommerce Store is when restaurants close, orders will be blocked automatically. The Cart will be empty if some product remains in the cart and the store closes. 

This plugin allows you to open or close the restaurant with one click without changing the schedule. Open Close WooCommerce Store allows preordering specific or all products when the store is closed.   

It allows adding some products to the cart when the store is closed. Open Close WooCommerce plugin allows displaying store schedules in different places through shortcodes. Also, you can display countdown timers anywhere using shortcodes.

The best thing about the Open Close WooCommerce Store plugin is it is translation ready; therefore, it will work for any local restaurant. Also, it follows the local time zone.   

Open Close WooCommerce Store plugin is ideal for restaurant owners who want to schedule their restaurants. If they sell specific foods at a particular time, this plugin will help them greatly. Open Close WooCommerce Store plugin helps to manage restaurants more efficiently. 

Features of Open Close WooCommerce Store

  • Open Close WooCommerce Store can create multiple schedules
  • It allows to create multiple day shifts
  • Blocks customers from ordering when the store is closed
  • Open Close WooCommerce Store allows to preorder specific or all products
  • Allows to display schedule on multiple places
  • Features countdown timers
  • Supports local languages 
  • It comes with different popup effect 
  • It works with the local time zone
  • Allows to set a custom message for each schedule
  • Empty the cart when the store closes   


Pricing: Open Close WooCommerce Store is a freemium plugin. It has a premium version which starts at $49. 

2. Order Notification for WooCommerce

oder notification for woocommerce

New order notification is a must-have feature for restaurants’ websites. It allows to receive alert notifications when customers place a new order. It helps restaurant owners to complete orders without delays.

Order Notification for WooCommerce is a new order notification plugin for stores. It sends new orders sound notification when customers place a new order. It checks new orders automatically. This plugin allows setting request frequency. Also, it offers to set custom rules for new order notifications. 

The best feature of Order Notification for WooCommerce is its automatic ordering-checking capability. You don’t need to refresh the order page to check new orders. It sends the notification alert instantly after receiving a new order. It helps restaurant owners to process orders without delay.

Order Notification for WooCommerce features sound notification alert. It plays sound when customers place a new order. It continues to play the sound until the new order is checked. It allows to set custom music for the sound notification alert.

This plugin is easy to use and has no learning curve. You can start using this plugin after installing it. It is like plug-and-play. You need to install and activate the plugin, and you will get notification sound alerts for new orders.

As far as website speed is concerned, Order Notification for WooCommerce is fast. It won’t slow down your website. It follows the standard coding principle. Also, it doesn’t conflict with other plugins. 

Regarding customization, Order Notification for WooCommerce plugin allows setting custom rules for notification alerts. You can set specific categories, products, tags, and amounts for getting notifications. You will get a sound notification if a customer buys a product that matches your preset rule or rules. 

If you want to get notified instantly when your customers place food orders so that you can prepare them without delay, the Order Notification for WooCommerce plugin is the best solution. This plugin is a lifesaver for restaurants that deliver food online.

Features of Order Notification for WooCommerce

  • Checks for new orders automatically
  • Plays music instantly when customers place a new order
  • Allows set frequency request per minute
  • It allows to set custom rules for new order alerts by minimum amount, tags, categories, etc
  • You can set your custom music for notification alert
  • Works fast and doesn’t slow down the website
  • Very easy to use
  • It checks orders based on order status
  • Order notification for WooCommerce works with every theme and plugin smoothly

Pricing: Order Notification for WooCommerce is a freemium plugin. Its premium version starts at $9.    

3. Five Star Restaurant Menu

five star

The menu is a crucial element of a restaurant. It makes the restaurant’s operation more efficient. And it is a must-have feature for a restaurant’s website.

Five Star Restaurant Menu is one of the best restaurant menu plugins you can get now. This plugin comes with unlimited restaurant menus and menu items. In addition, it is responsive. Moreover, it features Gutenberg blocks and shortcodes. And the most prominent feature of this plugin is its barcode. Also, the Five Star Restaurant plugin comes with more exciting features. 

This plugin support unlimited menus and menu items. So, there is no limitation on creating menus. You can create as many menus and menu items as you want. 

As far as device compatibility is concerned, the Five Star Restaurant Menu is a responsive plugin. Therefore, menus will look great on all devices. 

The Five Star Restaurant Menu plugin comes with the Gutenberg block and shortcode. It allows to add menus anywhere using shortcode or Gutenberg block. You can add prices and unique photos for every menu. 

You have the option to add the sidebar. It allows you to add restaurant menus to the sidebar. It helps to navigate menus quickly. 

It features QR code. You can use QR code in your restaurant so that customers can scan and see your menus. It will make your restaurant more productive as no human intervention is needed to show menus to customers. 

Another great feature of the Five Star Restaurant Menu is it allows to order directly from the menu. Also, it has more exciting features, including a separate menu section, option to add multiple pricing for individual items, multi-language support, a footer for each drink menu, and more. 

Five Star Restaurant Menu is a complete menu plugin for restaurant websites. It works great for single and multiple restaurants. The Five Star Restaurant Menu plugin is the best option for anyone looking to add menus to their restaurant website. 

Features of Five Star Restaurant Menu

  • Unlimited menus and menu items 
  • Responsive; menus look great on all devices
  • Features QR code 
  • It allows to add unique photos and multiple pricing for every menu
  • Optional sidebar option for quick navigation 
  • Menu schema structured data 
  • Allows to create sub menus 
  • It comes with Gutenberg and shortcodes 
  • Supports multi-languages 
  • Offers great customization options
  • Allows to add a footer for each item
  • Pricing: Five Start Restaurant is a free plugin. Its premium version starts at $67.

4. WPCafe


Food ordering and delivery system is a must for the restaurant. It helps to take food orders and deliver them. An efficient food ordering and delivery system is necessary for better order and delivery management. 

WPCafe is a complete solution for restaurants. It comes with all the features that a restaurant needs, including menus, food ordering and delivery system, and table reservation. This plugin helps to manage food ordering and delivery for online/offline restaurants. 

WPCafe features state-of-the-art menus. It has 33+ food menu templates. All the menus are pre-made; you can set up your desired food menu using Elementor drag and drop, shortcode, and Gutenberg block. 

Moreover, it allows to add menu based on restaurant locations. You can create a list of menus and select their availability based on the restaurant’s locations. In addition, this plugin shows the menu of the day under a dedicated menu. So the customers can see which menu people are eating most. 

The food ordering and delivery/pickup feature allows you to set custom order and delivery timing, or you can display food delivery and pickup time. It helps customer to choose pickup or delivery options. 

Reservation is the most prominent feature of WPCafe. It allows to create single/multiple slot bookings. In addition, you can create early or late bookings. Also, you can create an exceptional schedule and set minimum and maximum guest sizes for early booking. 

Besides, the booking option allows to create special holiday reservations. It helps to manage holiday reserves and sales smoothly. Moreover, customers can pick up food and place reservations. Furthermore, you can set branch-wise reservations.

WPCafe also features some exciting features: Food ordering with QR code, Dynamic email notification, Tip option, Live order notification with Sound and tag, and more. 

WPCafe is the ultimate solution for restaurant owners and managers, food ordering system providers, food delivery system providers, cloud kitchen owners and managers, and cafe owners and managers. The WPCafe plugin is a complete solution for restaurant websites. 

Features of WPCafe

  • Preset food menu styles 
  • Elementor widget 
  • It provides RTL support for form and calendar
  • Allows to create reservations easily and quickly from the front end
  • Customize schedule is available for late and early booking 
  • Live sales notificaiton 
  • Discounts options on every food menu
  • Supports branch-wise booking 
  • Compatible with popular page builders
  • Restaurant’s location-wise menu
  • Food ordering with QR code
  • Details sales report  

Pricing: WPCafe is a freemium plugin. Its pro version starts at $59.  

5. Bookly


Booking is an integral part of every business. Booking is a must and crucial element for the restaurant business. An efficient booking system is a must for a successful restaurant business.   

Bookly is the ultimate booking solution for every business. It helps to create a completely automatic booking system. It supports unlimited staff members and unlimited clients. In addition, it integrates with the most popular video meeting platforms, such as Zoom and Google Met. Also, it supports popular payment gateway, including Strype and PayPal Express. 

Bookly supports unlimited staff members; each member can set their price, schedule, profile, and booking calendar. Therefore, this plugin is suitable for small and large businesses. 

For services it supports an unlimited number of services. It allows to create a group of services and places them in categories. Also, it allows to set unique colors for categories. Unique color for each category helps view them easily on the calendar. 

Bookly is user-friendly and easy to set up; anyone can start using it almost instantly after installing it. Also, it is mobile-friendly; you can manage reservations from anywhere using your mobile device. 

As far as notification is concerned, Bookly features email and sms notification. You can send your customers sms and email to keep them up to date. 

Regarding third-party services integration, Bookly supports many popular third-party services, including popular payment gateways, video meeting services, calendars, WooComerce, etc. 

Bookly is the complete reservation solution for restaurants. It can take your restaurant reservation process to the next level. If you need only reservation solutions for your restaurant business, Bookly is the best option for you.

Features of Bookly

  • Support unlimited staff members 
  • Unlimited number of services 
  • Unlimited clients 
  • Importable and exportable customer base
  • Templates for email and sms notification 
  • PayPal Express integration 
  • Analytics with booking stats 
  • Compatible with WooCommerce 
  • Supports multiple languages 
  • 24/7 customer support 

Pricing: Bookly has a free version and a premium version. The Premium version starts at $89.  

Final Words

For restaurants, we have listed the top five restaurant plugins. These plugins satisfy all the needs of a restaurant website. These plugins serve single and multiple needs of a restaurant website. 

If you are still in doubt about choosing the right plugin for your WordPress restaurant website, here is the use case; for scheduling Open Close WooCommerce Store, for new order notification WooCoomerce Order Notification, for restaurant menu Five Star Restaurant Menu, for booking Bookly, and WPCafe for multiple solutions.


7 Best WooCommerce product slider Plugins to display products on your website

WooCommerce product slider Plugins

WooCommerce product slider plugins is essential for creating customized product sliders in your woocommerce website. They are useful, easy to install, and customizable for any kind of website.

Product slider is the best way to showcase your product or services to consumers and clients. Product slider also known as carousel, slideshow which is one of the best types of social media content. 

Slider or carousel, whatever it is called, is one of the most effective features on any website.

Specifically, if you are an ecommerce or service website, a product slider can add more interest to your product and improve your conversions.

You can show your best-selling products, featured products, and new products of each category in a slider to make your customers journey seamless. Don’t worry, you don’t have to write any code for implementing this type of slider on your website. There are amazing paid and free plugins available to make your job easy. In this post, we will show you some of the best WordPress slider plugins for WooCommerce.

What is WooCommerce product slider plugin?

Product sliders are a type of image-based scrolling feature on a website that presents a group of images or products to the user in a dynamic manner. They are mostly seen on ecommerce websites and websites with a vast number of products and services. For instance, website that sells graphics design and content marketing services needs to utilize this.

To help you create product sliders, there are plugins for all popular website builders such as WordPress, woo commerce, Shopify, Wix, etc. You can add eye-catching product sliders anywhere you want through these plugins. Let’s see some of the best WooCommerce product slider plugins below.

Best WooCommerce product slider plugin: Freemium suggestions

Product slider for woocommerce

Product slider for woocommerce

Want to add a professional-looking product slider carousel on your ecommerce website? This plugin provides simple tidy carousel which looks absolutely great on any website. This plugin has an extremely user-friendly shortcode generator back-end interface and the sliders look modern and versatile. 


  • Change Product name font size, color, hover color, product price, discount color, and other customizations available
  • Responsive and mobile friendly
  • Easy to customize and stylize
  • Generate shortcode
  • 3 ready themes for test
  • Show/hide product add to cart button in product slider
  • Unique settings for every slider
  • RTL Supported



Slider X Woo

Monster slider for WordPress is another free plugin that you can use to instantly add sliders to your web pages. You can find all the features and customizing options you need and the short cord generator is enabled to add sliders wherever you want. The best thing about the plugin is that you don’t need to pay for this.


  • Beautiful, Lightweight, and Powerful
  • Suitable for all websites blogging, eCommerce, service, etc
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • On/off slider autoplay option 
  • Control autoPlay speed
  • Stop on hover slider
  • Infinite loop for the slider
  • Set a maximum number of products to show on the slider
  • Show/hide product rating, add to cart button, navigation arrows, pagination dots, and title for the slider
  • Customize slider title font size, & color, add to cart button color, border, background & hover color
  • Control slider pagination speed



Smart Slider

Smart Slider

One of the most powerful and intuitive woo-commerce product slider plugins to add some beautiful carousels to your website. It includes everything you need with 9 Super smooth background animations and 14 sliders template to start. You can create unique designs with 6 varied layers: Image, Heading, Text, Button, Vimeo, and YouTube.


  • Compatible with all WordPress sites
  • Custom responsive breakpoints
  • Import and Export sliders
  • Customize slider with image, WordPress post, or Youtube and Vimeo video
  • Add static overlay
  • Enables keyboard navigation, touch swipe, and scroll
  • Slide-switching animations: Horizontal, Vertical, Fade
  • Add animations to slide background
  • Control autoplay timing options
  • Slider controls: Arrow, Bullet, Autoplay, Bar, Thumbnail, and Shadow
  • Adaptive layer font sizing
  • Hide layers on specific devices
  • Slide thumbnail image


Freemium plans where standard plan costs $49 and premium plan costs $99

PickPlugins Product Slider for WooCommerce


A user-friendly easy-to-use product slider plugin for woo-commerce. With its layout builder, you can build fancy, unique layout sliders as you want. You can find all the customizing options for your slider such as,

  • Include product on slider by ID’s
  • Define slider column number
  • Control autoplay, rewind, and loop options
  • Allow stopping slider on hover
  • Supports slider RTL
  • Lazyload
  • Show featured products, on sale products through individual slider
  • Set query order and order by
  • Customize ribbons and slider item style

Also, the premium plan includes recently viewed products, related products, advanced meta fields query, layout elements, and so on.


The plugin is available for free, however, for advanced features, you can purchase the premium plans cost $19.00 – $149.00.

Product Slider and Carousel with Category for WooCommerce

Product Slider


This plugin allows creating sliders based on specific categories so you don’t have to add images and descriptions manually. Just give the category ID in the shortcode. In addition, the plugin works with three types of shortcodes to display three different category products such as products, best-selling products, and featured products. Not only this, the plugin offers more ways to categorize products in sliders and a lot of stunning features including,


  • Lightweight, fast & powerful
  • Display latest/recent products featured and best-selling products slider individually
  • Sort by category
  • Order and order by
  • 100% mobile & tablet responsive
  • Slider navigation: awesome touch & swipe
  • Design fully custom slider
  • Translation ready
  • Set number of columns you want to show
  • Slider autoplay on/off


Offers free and pro versions where the pro plan costs $139/year. 

WooCommerce Product Carousel, Slider, & Grid Ultimate

Another feature-rich slider plugin to add or customize sliders to your website. This plugin allows displaying sliders in pages, posts, custom templates, and widgetized areas through shortcodes. The free version offers excellent badges like best-selling, top-rated, on sale, featured, out of stock, etc. Here are the features its free version offers, the premium version includes more interesting features that you can check from the plugin page.


  • 100% Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • 3 different themes for carousel, slider and grid
  • Newly added Gutenberg block and Elementor page builder support
  • Latest/recent, older, and featured products displayed
  • Allows unlimited products display
  • Create unlimited carousels, sliders, and grids
  • Unique settings for each theme
  • Generate advanced shortcode
  • Customizable ribbon/badge
  • Control the number of products to display
  • Include image resize or crop options


With a free version that you can download from WordPress, this plugin has multiple paid plans under annual and lifetime categories. However, you can get it for one site for $31/year, and for 5 sites, it takes $125/year. 

WPB WooCommerce Product Slider Pro

WPB WooCommerce Product

One of the best free WooCcommerce product slider plugins. The plugin enables custom widgets for showing products slider in the sidebar. The plugin has free and paid versions and both versions include powerful features which make it one of the best choices for WooCommerce product slider plugin.


  • Offers featured products slider, latest products slider, category products slider
  • Tag products slider
  • Products slider by selected product ids
  • Two different custom themes for slider
  • Custom widget for easy use in sidebar areas
  • Set product order & order by
  • Compatible with all browser
  • RTL language support
  • Works with all WordPress Themes
  • Easy and user-friendly setup
  • Online Documentation
  • Very Lightweight


You can install and use this plugin for free. The pro plan price starts from $39/year for single site.

WooCommerce product slider plugin to enhance your site’s visibility

You can choose any of the above plugins to insert sliders into your website. They feature simple functionalities with responsive UI design and easy to customize layout.

Using product slider plugin can give a new look to your ecommerce website. This is one of the best practices to make your buyer’s journey easy and to help them make decisions. Sliders are a must-use in ecommerce websites, it is also seen on all websites that are related to selling. They can help you increase conversion rates and drive more sales by providing the right information to your users at the right time. 


Why should you use WooCommerce store scheduling plugin 2022

In this article, we will be discussing why it’s so important of getting an Open Close for WooCommerce Store. if your WooCommerce store doesn’t have schedules, it might create many problems. Like –

  1. Unfulfilled orders
  2. Orders  cancelation
  3. Unhappy customers
  4. Orders piling up

Problems due to the lack of WooCommerce Store Scheduling

Without proper WooCommerce store scheduling solutions, store owners face serious problems daily. Thus, store owners are losing their revenue. Here are some common problems caused by the lack of proper store scheduling. 

1. Unfulfilled orders

If you are running a same-day delivery eCommerce store, such as a grocery store, you can’t deliver products outside working hours. It will lead to unfulfillment orders If you get orders 10 minutes before closing your store as you can’t deliver that order on that day. 

That’s why you must ensure that you receive orders during your working hours so that you can deliver orders on the same day. 

2. Order cancelation

Some businesses take and deliver orders at a specific time. If customers order from those businesses outside their scheduled time, they won’t be able to deliver products or services. For example, restaurants open and close at specific times. If you order food from restaurants, they can’t deliver your food outside their opening hours. As a result, it leads to order cancellation.

If you are in the restaurant business, you must inform your customers about your opening and closing hours so that they can avoid ordering in closed time.

3. Unhappy customers

Some eCommerce stores not only deliver products during their working hours but also don’t offer support outside their working hours. 

In fact, some stores take orders five days a week. If you order from those sites, they will accept your orders when they return to their working hours. Thus, it could take two days to get a reply from them. It is a serious issue for store owners and leads to unhappy customers.

4. Orders piling up

All eCommerce stores don’t have the same order processing capability. Every eCommerce store has limited order processing capability. If they get more orders than their order process capability, it will lead to orders piling up.

To avoid orders piling up, you must stop taking orders. That’s why you should close your eCommerce store at certain times.

Mess up holiday shopping events

Customers buy a lot at shopping events. eCommerce stores get more orders during holiday shopping events than on regular shopping days. If you keep your store open and don’t inform customers, you can’t take orders anymore; it will lead to orders messing up in holiday shopping events.

Can’t create a sense of urgency among customers

A sense of urgency is an effective selling technique. It pursues customers to buy products by creating a sense of urgency in them.

If you let your customers know that your store will remain open for the next two hours and you won’t accept orders after that, it will create a sense of urgency within your customers and help them make buying decisions quickly. Hence, your store’s conversion rate and revenue will increase.   

Available solutions for WooCommerce store scheduling

You can schedule your WooCommerce stores in many ways. However, all ways are not effective and easy to implement. Here are the three most effective and straightforward solutions to store scheduling. 

Business Profile 

The business profile is simple and easy to display your eCommerce store’s opening and closing hours. You can create a business profile for your eCommerce store and add open and closing hours. 


The widget is another excellent way to add opening and closing hours to your eCommerce stores. You can use widget to display opening hours in your store’s sidebar, header, or footer.  


A dedicated WooCommerce store scheduling plugin is the best way to schedule your eCommerce store. WooCommerce store scheduling plugins do more than just display opening and closing hours. It lets you shut down the store for new orders and more.   

Current WooCommerce store scheduling solutions limitations

Current WooCommerce store scheduling solutions are excellent. However, they have some serious limitations. These limitations are holding you back from getting the most out of your eCommerce store. Here are some limitations of current WooCommerce store scheduling solutions.

The first and foremost limitation is that WooCommerce store scheduling plugins allow you to close the store manually with a click but don’t allow opening the store manually without changing the schedule. It is a severe problem for the current WooCommerce store scheduling plugin.

Secondly, those plugins don’t allow new orders when the store is closed. Also, it doesn’t allow new orders for specific products when the store is closed. 

The current WooCommerce store scheduling plugins don’t allow preorders when the store is closed. Additionally, they don’t allow preorders for specific products.    

Those scheduling plugins hold products in the cart when the store closes automatically. They don’t remove/empty products from the cart when the store closes automatically.   

Also, Those plugins don’t allow adding specific or all products to the cart when the store is closed. 

Furthermore, store scheduling plugins don’t allow to ignore business schedules for specific products.  

These are some serious limitations of current WooCommerce store scheduling solutions.

How can the Open Close WooCommerce Store plugin overcome the current WooCommerce store scheduling limitations?

Open Close WooCommerce Store is the complete WooCommerce store scheduling solution. It provides solutions to the current store schedulers’ limitations. Also, it is adding new solutions to WooCommerce store scheduling day by day. 

Open Close WooCommerce Store plugin allows you to open or close the store instantly without changing the schedule. You can close or open the store manually with a click. 

When it comes to preordering during store closing time, this plugin allows you to preorder specific or all products during closing time. You can use this feature to take orders for certain products, which delivery is automatic such as digital products.

Regarding the empty cart, when the store closes, current WooCommerce store scheduling plugins keep products in the cart. Open Close WooCommerce Store empties the cart when the store closes automatically. 

Moreover, this plugin allows adding some or all products to the cart during store closing time.  

Furthermore, the Open Close WoCommerce Store plugin allows specific products to ignore the store scheduling and work as usual, like the store scheduling is not active.  

That’s how the Open Close WooCommerce Store plugin overcomes the current limitations of WooCommerce store scheduling solutions. And the best thing about this plugin is it offers some great features along with solutions to current limitations, such as frontend schedule management, countdown timers, shortcodes to display schedules in different places, and more.